Summary in English

Madbloggersymposium (food blogger symposium) was the first conference in Denmark for professionals and amateurs who blogged about food and gastronomy. The event offered participants and partners a direct bypass to the fast moving underground of opinion formers, trend-setters, talented networkers and untiring food communicators.

Madbloggersymposium 2010 was the first  professional conference for all serious food bloggers in Denmark. It was an non-profit-event organised by the two food bloggers, communication consultant Marie Sainabou Jeng and journalist Rasmus Holmgård.

200 Danish Food Blogs and, which list most Danish blogs about food, beverage, food policy, food culture and all shades of gastronomy at the time had more than 200 registered feeds. Roughly estimated the number of food blogs readers was between 200.000-250.000 a month. This exceeds leading food magazines gastro, Smag & Behag and Mad & Venner combined. More than ever there was reason to support the blogosphere and the quality of its communication, and to strengthen public awareness of the opportunities of this new media landscape.

Knowledge, Network and Inspiration
Madbloggersymposium 2010 gathered 80 of Denmark’s most serious food bloggers to a day of activities and passionate talks from some of the country’s most talented educators and professionals in web journalistic, new media, photography, food reviews, gastronomic tendencies etc.

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