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CPH Food Film Lab – a The Food Film Festival/mad+medier/Copenhagen Cooking production

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18.00 Arrive + mingling + DJ HørLigeHer

Apéritif 1
Food: Baby corn cob à la Wiuff + avocado leaf smoked grasshopper mayo
Chef: Jorge Carlos González Rangel
Drink: Laborde Crémant de Bourgogne Brut, Burgundy, France from Vinikassevis.dk

Apéritif 2
Food: Norwegian lobster panna cotta + Chicken mousseline “Indochine” + Cod fish brandade
Chef: La Vigne
Drink: Laborde Crémant de Bourgogne Brut, Burgundy, France from Vinikassevis.dk

Apéritif 3
Food: Bite size smørrebrød: Quail yolk Sun over Gudhjem + Baconbowl of chicken salad + Vet’s veal paté night snack
Chef: Danish Minies
Drink: Jacobsen Brown Ale, Denmark

18.55 Seating

19.10 Welcome by Seth Unger from The Food Film Festival + Marie Jeng and Rasmus Holmgård from food+media

19.15 Screening of 9 food films + 9 servings of food and drinks

Film 1: Sushi, Handcrafted Happiness
00:49. Dir. Seonghye Kim and Jun Ogura
Behold the beauty of sushi!
Chef: Sushi Lovers/Kristian Elbo
Drink: Vivino

Film 2: Zergüt
05:45. Dir./Prod. Natasha Subramaniam and Alisa Lapidus
Animated food porn where the moldy, forgotten foods in the rear of a refrigerator rise up against the fresh foods that reside up front.

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Seattle International Film Festival in 2012 + Winner of the Metro NY Best Food Porn Film category at the NYC Food Film Festival 2011

Food: Refrigerator War by Madeleines
Chef: Madeleines/Ditte Klingenberg
Drink: Vivino

Film 3: Mexican Cuisine
04:09. Dir. Fran Guijarro
In California, the state with the largest immigrant Latino community in the country, there is a cuisine that has a deeper meaning.

Winner in the category Best Cinematography at the New York Digital Short Film Festival 2011 and 16 other international awards.

Chef: Jorge Carlos González Rangel
Drink: Vivino

Film 4: Tako NY
06:01. Dir. Kristoffer Brearton
The Osaka, Japan street food Takoyaki in New York
Chef: CPH Food Film Lab Culinary Team
Drink: Smalle Vine

Film 5: Dog Eats Dream
04:17. Dir. John Craig Ross
A dog dreams the perfect meal and then makes it a reality.

Winner of Best Food Porn at the NYC Food Film Festival 2012

Chef: CPH Food Film Lab Culinary Team
Drink: Smalle Vine

Film 6: Benevolent Butcher: Bacon
01:24. Dir. Scott Pitts
Bacon porn.

Prize winner in the video category at the PDN Photo Annual 2013

Chef: Nose2Tail
Meat: Grantoftegaard
Drink: Malbeck

Film 7: Mr. Okra
11:42. Dir. T.G. Herrington
A portrait of a man who sells produce from his rolling farm stand in New Orleans.

Winner of the Documentary Short Audience Award at Austin Film Festival in 2009 + Winner of the Peroni Italy Audience Choice Award at the NYC Food Film Festival 2009

Chef: Folkets Madhus/Michael Museth
Drink: Malbeck

Film 8: Pastry Paris
03:00. Dir. Joel Herm, Prod. Susan Hochbaum
Visually arresting Parisian pastries photographed with their sculptural Parisian counterparts.
Chef: Candeur Dessert & Cocktail Bar
Drink: Candeur

Film 9: Benevolent Baker: Doughnut
01:38. Dir. Scott Pitts
Food porn showcasing an orange-pistachio cake doughnut.
Chef: Top Pot (Seattle)
Drink: Candeur

Film 10: Food Porn
02:00. Dir. Charles Grantham
Larry Cauldwell takes food porn to the next level … depending on your point of view, this may or may not be a good thing.
Chef: CPH Food Film Lab Culinary Team
Drink: Candeur Cocktail

20.30 Sandra’s Ting & Tequila Cocktails + Havana Club Rum & Fever-tree Ginger Beer + coffee + meet the chefs

21.30 Good night


Watch + Eat!

Join us for an experimental and frizzlingly fantabulous food film experience; a steaming visual-gastronomic feast for all senses; now, for the first time, unfolding its organoleptic orgie on European soil. The Danish food+media network is collaborating with The Food Film Festival (based in Brooklyn, USA) for one night in the culinary film lab featuring a carefully selected set of food films from around the world along with matching food and drinks. The Food Film Festival hosts the only festival in the world where guests get to taste what they see on the screen. Stay tuned – and hungry for the expected full-on 2014 version of the format.

Note: The event is in English. More info coming right up.

Time 28 August 2013 6-9.30 pm
Price DKK 450. Buy your ticket here.
Place madeleines
Refshalevej 163a
1432 København K

Please contact Sara Brink Larsen at info@madmedier.dk if you have any questions.

Se det, og spis det!

Kom med til en enkelt aftens dramatisk forsmag på mediets totalsanseoplevelse af lys, lyd, lugt, smag og følelser fra top til tå. CPH Food Film-laboratoriet tester en stribe udvalgte madfilm til snacks, smagsprøver, retter og drinks, nøje tilpasset tema, handling, og filmiske virkemidler, med henblik på en mere omfattende udfoldelse af formatet i 2014. I samarbejde med amerikanske The Food Film Festival undersøger vi madens sociale sider med et organoleptisk orgie, der vil efterlade dig mæt af indtryk, men effektivt appetitvækket.

OBS: Eventen foregår på engelsk. Mere info følger.

Tid 28. august 2013 kl. 18 til 21.30
Pris 450 kr. Køb billetten her.
Sted madeleines
Refshalevej 163a
1432 København K


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