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food+media (mad+medier) is a network of food and drinks communicators in Denmark. The purpose of the network is to improve the general quality of all gastronomy related communication in Denmark through the provision of a platform for discussion, sharing of knowledge, mutual inspiration, for meetings, events and debates in order to build valuable social and professional relations in the industry.

In 2010 PR- and Communications Consultant Marie Sainabou Jeng and Wine and Food Writer Rasmus Holmgård created Denmark’s first large conference for food bloggers, titled Madbloggersymposium (Food Bloggers’ Symposium). In 2011 food+media consolidated its organizational structure into a permanent four-person secretariat working out of an office in downtown Copenhagen. 2011 saw the official launch of the network as well as the first food+media conference open to all food communicators. As of February 2014 833 writers, editors, photographers, lecturers, researchers, bloggers and commercial communicators had registered a profile on

May 2013 food+media launched the Food+media Award; rewarding the country’s foremost food communicators with the recognition their works merit across 14 categories. 27 June 2014 the Food+media-Award will once again pay tribute to the best food communicators in Denmark, and this time the award show will be held at the spectacular Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen. The second edition of the Food+media-Award saw 429 submissions of a wide range of highly competent candidates. 65 members of the expert juries are currently discussing the nominations and the quality charters for each of the 16 chosen communications disciplines.  The works of the candidates are evaluated against these charters and the final nominees will be announced 11 April. The winners will be duly honored 27 June at a gala award show with 250 guests, music, entertainment, champagne bar, cocktails and dancing.
During 2014 food+media will be involved in various events besides the Food+media-Award. We’ve launched a series of writing courses and will be working as partners on a variety of cultural events. See our list of partners and clients here.

The purpose of the network and the conference is to improve the quality of food communications across digital and printed media platforms. We believe the quality can be improved  by creating a forum for sharing knowledge and ideas within journalistic tools and practices, developing of vocabulary and language, cooking techniques, evaluation of gastronomical quality, understanding aesthetic principles, sensory analysis and psychology of pleasure, consumer behavior, industry dynamics, market mechanisms, food politics and policy-making, pr and marketing.

We will meet our goal through

  • A number of practical tools (website, meet-ups, workshops, articles, debate fora, guides, news)
  • Exchanging ideas, knowledge, experience and research – online, in print and in personal meetings
  • Building the identity of food communicators as a branch with common goals and quality levels to strive for – or to discuss
  • Establishing a culture of food media self-criticism in order to challenge food communication clichés and outdated assumptions
  • Finding inspiration in newfound personal and professional relations
  • Exploiting new digital opportunities for sharing, discussion and interaction


  • People who blog about food, gastronomy, recipes, taste, beverages, foodstuffs and raw materials, health issues (food related), food policy and food culture (professionals and non-professionals)
  • People who write about the above-mentioned subjects in newspapers, magazines and online for traditional media (freelancers and employed journalists)
  • People who photograph food or do food related features for tv and redio (photographers, journalists, stylists, advisors)
  • People who are involved in research in food related matters (food or media sciences or journalism students, Master and Ph.D students, privately and publically funded scientists)
  • People who communicate about food for businesses and organizations
  • People working in food education, lecturing and presentation

food+media is looking for collaborators who can give value to the network through events, news, editorial content (for web and the printed publication), new network connections and other types of exciting input. We also look for financial partners who may benefit from food+media’s favorable position to facilitate exposure of a company, brand, product or an original thought or idea to a large number of Danish food writers, bloggers, editors etc. Please contact us to find out more.

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