Food on DOX: Seeds of Time (World Premiere)

Seeds of Time
Hvornår 10. november 2013 kl. 14:45-17:15
Hvor Empire Bio, sal 1
Guldbergsgade 29F
2200 København
Pris 150 DKK - Køb billet her
Kontakt Katja Seerup Clausen
+45 28 71 41 31

Food on DOX. Independent filmmaker Sandy McLeod portrays agricultural pioneer Cary Fowler and his mission to create the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Food and drinks before, during and after the film celebrate the gastronomic qualities in a selection of (not quite) forgotten crops.

A perfect storm is brewing. Agricultural pioneer Cary Fowler races against time to protect the future of our food. The foundation of agriculture is crumbling. Since the 1800′s we have lost 93% of our crop varieties. This loss of diversity which has occurred in the last 80 years has left us vulnerable to pests and diseases, climate change, and other challenges that our crops face. We see evidence of this in the newspapers articles that are becoming more frequent about crop failures that yield starvation-inspired rioting and the accelerating effects of climate change that farmers struggle with globally. But Fowler’s journey, and our own, is just beginning. From Rome to Russia and, finally, a remote island under the Arctic Circle, Fowler’s passionate and personal journey may hold the key to saving the one resource we cannot live without: our seeds.

Meet Cary Fowler, Sandy McLeod and a panel of invited researchers, farmers and food producers who share the passion for the preservation of biodiversity for the sake of the planet’s future and the pleasure of our taste buds. Join CPH:DOX and partner mad+medier for a unique food and film experience with tasty nourishment for your body and mind.

14.45 Arrive, mingling in the theatre, a snack and a drink
15.15 Director/Producer Sandy McLeod and Protagonist Cary Fowler introduce the film
15.25 Seeds of Time – World Premiere
16.40 Biodiversity nibble bag: Porridge, bread, beer, cider etc. produced from rare cultivars worth preserving
16.40 Q&A with McLeod and Fowler
16.50 McLeod and Fowler are joined on stage by additional speakers mentioned below for a Danish/Nordic perspective on the biodiversity challenge
17.15 The End


  • Radish, herb mayo, roasted and malted rye
  • Variety of organic beers from artisan brewers Herslev Bryghus
  • Organic wine rhubarb juice and juices of multiple apple varieties from Bornholms Mosteri
  • Bojesen “Oialla” chocolate from wild Amazon cacao trees
  • Rye flakes and mixed grain flat bread from Skærtoft Mølle baked by Hahnemann’s Kitchen
  • “Ildrød pigeon” apple from “The Pometum” genetic research fruit garden of the University of Copenhagen
  • Cold power porridge from GRØD. Caramellized svedjerug with toasted hazelnuts and mulberries
  • Cream cheese made of 100 % organic goat milk from Tebstrup Farm Dairy
  • Ancient species of gooseberry from The Open Air Museum
  • Illegal carrot by Søren Wiuff


Seeds of Time official trailer
Seeds of Time official website
Seeds of Time presentation on CPH:DOX
Event presentation on CPH:DOX
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